Valentine's Day With a Twist
Ty Nguyen Staff Reporter
Ty Nguyen Staff Reporter

      It is that time of year again where flowers and cards are bought the most. It is a day to show love to one’s significant other, mother, father, siblings or any other special person. Though it seems like a beautiful holiday for most, it actually has a very interesting origin. On February 14th, in the 2nd century A.D., St. Valentine was a priest that was beheaded for encouraging marriages. The reason being that, at that time Claudius the Second created a ban that stated that marriages and other ceremonies would become illegal. Some say he created that ban to prevent his army of men from worrying about their wives. St. Valentine felt as if what he was doing was right by helping lovers unite by vow, so he continued to perform the marriages in secret, but was sadly caught by Claudius. Claudius was infuriated and sentenced him to death. There is also another legend that states that during St. Valentine’s time in jail, he had met the jailer’s blind daughter and cured her eyesight before leaving a farewell note to her. Not many know the origin of Valentine’s Day and that it is so much more different than some would expect.

    Regardless of the bloody origin, there are many that celebrate and love Valentine’s Day! When asked for her opinion Isabella Rivera replied, “You can’t hold back love. Claudius was ignorant for thinking that he could do that.” The story is definitely disheartening, but in a way it still has a beautiful meaning. As Mr. Connick said, “Lots of people lose their heads in the name of love.”

                                    Mr. Connick pictured below after expressing his thoughts on Valentine's Day.

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