The Gift of Christmas
Trinity Walker Staff Reporter
Trinity Walker Staff Reporter

     With the holidays behind us, many are left feeling that bitter-sweetness that comes with the conclusion of the happiest time of the year.  However, as we begin to steer our focus toward our goals for the New Year, let us take a minute to recap the most popular and memorable Christmas gifts that students and faculty have ever received.  

      When asked what their favorite gift they received for Christmas was, many students answered with some form of technology.  From laptops to new phones, Apple watches to portable chargers, electronic gadgets were definitely one of the hottest gifts this past year.  

       At the same time, there were some rather unique gifts as well.  For example, senior  Trevor Turner received a copy of War and Peace (abridged), and his satisfaction was evident, “It’s intense, man!”  Surprisingly, ukuleles also ended up being a popular gift among the students here at Baker. Junior Olivia Wallace said of her ukulele, “I love it so much.”  

    On the more sentimental side of Christmas gifts, Garrett Whalen, a junior, ecstatically showed off the shirt he was wearing and said, “A cool shirt from my girlfriend!  It’s my favorite shirt now.”  Mrs. Tucker, one of the most beloved teachers in our school, shared what is perhaps the sweetest gift of all.  “What was my favorite Christmas gift I ever received?  Well, I got proposed to!”  Absolutely adorable.

   Until next Christmas, Baker!  Here’s to the happiest New Year yet.


Pictured above are Mrs. Tucker and Trevor Turner who gave their input on their favorite Christmas gifts.


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