A Class Comes Together
Alexis Reeves Staff Reporter
Alexis Reeves Staff Reporter

As some of you may know, freshman Deangelo Parham passed away recently due to complications from pneumonia. His family had moved here this summer from California; Deangelo was a quiet boy with a beautiful smile, and his favorite color was pink.

Ms. Ransom found it hard to tell her biology class of Deangelo’s passing. They were shocked; nevertheless, the students got to work to plan an event, something to honor their friend and celebrate his life. Ms. Ransom told the kids she would support them with whatever they wanted to do, so they decided to have a balloon release for the freshman class, along with a fundraiser to cut down on funeral and travel costs for Mr. Parham’s family (some of which were still in California). Members of his family here in Mobile were invited to the celebration at school, Ms. Ransom said, “I just wanted it to be special for the family”.

At the program, several students spoke about Deangelo and the memories they will have of him, and others came forward to present his family with a small gift. West Coast Welding donated two helium tanks for the balloon release. Watching the service, it was quite special and touching. It is amazing to know these children who were together for such a short while could create such a sweet program in memory of their friend, DD.


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