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High School Jeopardy

 Staff Writer  Nefsahyatt Brown
Staff Writer Nefsahyatt Brown

     Two teams, two schools, the soft melody of the jeopardy theme song playing in the background as each member steps onto the stage. Welcome to the most extreme game of trivia one would ever endure during their high school career, Scholars Bowl. The areas of knowledge range from history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture. Meaning from the latest celebrity scandal to the 7th president of the United States any and all questions could be used in a match. With a game so versatile the first question that came to mind was, how do you practice with such a wide variety of questions? There simply is no way to test all questions that could potentially be asked. Mrs. Keller, the varsity coach, immediately gave insight into how they “studied”, she explained that they conduct mock games. Both varsity and junior varsity split into two teams and play a match that consists of various possibly questions from their specific subject lists as well as 20 toss up questions. Toss up questions are questions that any team can answer and receive bonus if answered correctly.

     At Baker, we have two teams that have recently competed in their 2016-2017 season. Before their match on November 3rd Hannah Morris, an eleventh grader on varsity, when asked about Scholar’s Bowl replied with plenty of enthusiasm on how she likes it, “It’s nice, I really just do it because it is fun!” As this is a competitive sport it was natural to ask her how she felt about the competition aspect, “[That is the] part of scholar’s bowl I like the best”. Although it was early the room was buzzing with excitement for their competition. The lively spirited senior, DuBray McNeil when asked about what exactly scholars bowl he easily replied, “Poor man’s jeopardy”. After their competition, Ms. Parker came in with a smile on her face celebrating the 3rd place win of her junior varsity team. Varsity was enjoying the spotlight of 1st place until one misleading question dealing with Hurricane Katrina sent them tumbling behind junior varsity into the fourth place spot. Although they did not claim the number 1 title, DuBray still had wonderful things to say about his experience so far, “I’ve done it since 10th grade so three year and I enjoy it because it is a fun way to keep my brain active. I’m having fun while learning different things”.


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