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Too Many Fish in the Sea

 Sarwah Sahawneh
Sarwah Sahawneh


     When Baker High School was founded over a century ago, it was a one classroom building for grades 1-12. Times have definitely changed since 1903. In the 1970’s, the main building was built as a result of the flourishing west Mobile population. A walk in one of Baker’s many crowded hallways usually turns into a standstill with hundreds of students squeezing past each other trying to make it to class on time. Floating teachers, with their rolling classrooms, can be seen dodging students and pushing through the crowds.


     Currently, Baker is accommodating 2,821 students. The sophomore class is the largest with 745 students. The freshmen class ranks second with 728, the junior class with 685, and the senior class with 663 students. Traditionally, Hoover High School has been known as the largest high school in Alabama, but recently Baker has been giving them a run for their money.


     Because of our population growth, more teachers are in demand. Currently, we have a staff of 165 faculty members. Baker is not large enough to accommodate everyone so portables have become crucial. The portables are located beside the annex and behind the main building. Even the classrooms are becoming crowded so be prepared to rush to class and find a desk.


     One might say the overwhelming population is unsuitable, but there comes many privileges. For example, students can see and meet new people every single day! There are so many clubs, organizations, sports teams, and electives that anyone would be able to find their niche.



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