Welcome to the Jungle
Jordan Harris Staff Reporter
Jordan Harris Staff Reporter


         Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the amazing sequel to the original made back in 1995. The new Jumanji can easily be enjoyed by those who are not familiar with the original.   


         After a group of high school kids get stuck in detention for various reasons, Spencer comes across an old Nintendo-like game called Jumanji. The game seemed harmless, but it sucked the players into a magical jungle world of wild flora and storming animals, ultimately leading to valuable life lessons.


           The Rock’s character, Spencer, is a nerdy guy who has lived a sheltered life and is afraid of the world. When he enters the game he takes on the avatar of a hunk with no physical weaknesses. Then there is Jack Black who plays a self-absorbed, social media addicted teenage girl named Bethany. Her switch into Black's trademark physical shape is the most extreme and ends up being hilarious. Karen Gillian and Kevin Hart are not far behind with Gillian playing an insecure, but intelligent girl named Martha, and Hart as an all-star jock trapped in a less-than-stellar body, Fridge. Let’s not forget about Nick Jonas who makes an appearance as another player in the game who is also stuck.


         There are times when the intense 3D of the IMAX screen brings you disturbingly close to the black mambas, albino rhinos, and jaguars to give a sense of the danger they keep running into every corner.


        The underlying message of the movie is to not judge a book by its cover. These reluctant partners have to work together through their differences and become a team. Overall, this movie will ensure lots of laughter and fun. Check it out!

Image result for jumanji 2Pictured above is the movie poster for the new Jumanji.



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