Celebrating the History of Mobile
Trinity Walker Staff Reporter
Trinity Walker Staff Reporter

    This past weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in “Celebrate Historic Mobile,” a tour of some of the oldest homes, churches, and cemeteries in our over 300 year old city.  The tour is hosted by the Historic Mobile Preservation Society (HMPS), an organization that aims to promote tourism and preservation (as the name entails) of historical sites around Mobile.

    The weekend festivities were kicked off by an HMPS gala at the Oakleigh house.  Here, HMPS members were honored for their contributions to keep the organization up and running.

    It was an honor to serve as a docent, along with other Oakleigh Belles and Azalea Trail Maids, in the Rickert family’s exquisite historic home.  Many people from far and wide stopped by as they continued their way along the tour. One couple had travelled all the way from Michigan to take in some of Mobile’s most beautiful sights.  They took note of how elegant historical southern homes could be, well exemplified by every home on the tour.

    All in all, the weekend was a success for not only the HMPS, but for the city of Mobile as a whole.  It was an informative and entertaining experience that anyone with an interest in history should consider participating in next year.

Gabi Connick and Allie Glover as they attended the HMPS homes tour.


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