Once In A Lifetime Winter Wonderland
Ty Nguyen Staff Reporter
Ty Nguyen Staff Reporter

    For the first time since 2013, it snowed in Mobile, Alabama on December 8th. It started off as very light and barely visible, but as it got later the snowfall became heavier. Many people stepped outside to see the miraculous sight for themselves and some even built snowmen! People’s roofs and front yards were completely covered. Neighbors engaged in many playful snowball fights and created snow angels. For several, it was their first time ever seeing snow, including me. Due to the rarity of the weather, there were people that stayed outside for hours. It was a beautiful, cold, and an unforgettable experience. Nonetheless, chilly weather stopped no one from leaving their warm homes to have fun in the thin blankets of white.

   One of the many Mobilians who enjoyed the snow, Anna Kuykendall, was absolutely thrilled! “I stood outside taking pictures of it for like three hours,” she said, “I also built tiny snowmen on my backyard swing.” She also said that she enjoyed the crunchy sound of the snow. Anna even walked to Walmart with her friend, Isabella Rivera, in it!

   The next morning, almost half of the snow had melted, but the chilly weather remained. There were some people still outside, entertaining themselves with what was left of the snow. It was definitely a memorable night for everyone in Mobile, and many of us cannot wait to see it again.










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