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Jeremiah Buenrostro
 Staff Reporter
Jeremiah Buenrostro Staff Reporter

    With the new year comes resolutions. Many people want to start and stop a big variety of things. Some people may want to stop drinking or smoking, but the biggest "start" we always hear is losing weight. Everyone wants to begin a healthy lifestyle and start eating right. When Junior Lauren Butts was asked what was her resolution for the new year she simply said, "I just want to lose weight." With losing weight comes exercise. 

     Planet Fitness in West Mobile is already a busy place, but with new year rolling around at certain times of the day one can hardly find a place to park. At the busy times people have begun parking in the San Miguel parking lot just to work out! Junior Baylie Busby said, "I have got to get back in the gym for sure, and be more positive about myself," when asked what she wanted to change. Planet Fitness has become so crowded that members must wait in line to get on a certain machine. It is an uncomfortable environment in which to workout. Planet Fitness promises to be judge free, but in a facility with a large number of people one cannot help but to feel judged. A majority of people will not keep up their change, but there is most certainly a large number trying. Planet Fitness and all other gyms across the country will more than likely return to normal by February, because many people have given up on their resolution. January will forever be the month that gyms acquire the most members and money. 





Pictured above is Baylie Busby and Lauren Butts who gave their input on their New Year's resolutions.


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