BTTO: Baker Tennis Taking Over
Alyssa Crawford Staff Reporter
Alyssa Crawford Staff Reporter


   The 2017-2018 Baker High School Tennis Team consists of a very skilled group of players. Led by Coach Kriner, the team carried out a successful season. Although Coach Kriner has a lot of experience with tennis, she is new to Baker this year as well as the Baker tennis team. Coach Kriner has coaching experiences at Murphy High School and  also played at McGill Toolen. This was definitely a huge adjustment from Coach Williams but the players came together as a team to overcome it.

    On Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, March 24th the girl’s tennis players participated in a tournament. When interviewed, Makenzie Falcon, senior and first seed on varsity, explained what she did to prepare for the tournament. “In order to prepare for a match I repeatedly tell myself that I can win. Tennis is all about mindset; you win or lose before you even step on the court. I practice daily and improve on skills I’m weak at. At the end of the day I know you have to lose some to win some, and that’s what keeps me going.”

    The scores from the tournament on March 23rd against Satsuma were the following: Falcon: 0-2, Glover: 2-0, Tate: 0-2, Ellis: 0-2, Wright: 0-2, Duncan: 0-2. Although the team took a huge loss that day, they never fail to make others proud. The Baker Tennis Team works harder and harder every day. Overall, Baker has a great tennis team and had an amazing season.

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